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Lip balm w/ Peppermint & Orange
Lip balm w/ Peppermint & Orange

Lip balm w/ Peppermint & Orange

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This is the first offering I have for my exceptional moisturizing lip balms.

All three of my lip balms provide moisture to parched lips, & contain all natural ingredients to keep your lips moisturized, protected, & soft.

You'll want to apply more because it smells great & makes your lips feel so good!

Your lips are an area of skin that regenerates quickly, but also can absorb moisturizers readily, so I made a great simple recipe that is effective & contains mostly organic ingredients.


Organic cocoa butter - full of vitamins A, C & E to provide a great protective barrier, cocoa butter comes from the same bean as chocolate, so this balm is very chocolatey!

Organic calendula, comfrey & plantain infused coconut oil - helps keep moisture in, & a natural antimicrobial & disinfectant. My homegrown organic calendula, comfrey & plantain have been used for hundreds of years to aid in skin healing.

beeswax - excellent skin softener & protector to boot

peppermint - a well known booster of blood circulation wherever applied, also creates a cooling effect & clinically proven to kill the virus that causes cold sores

orange - speeds healing of sores & cracking

This wonderful lip balm comes in a standard size twist tube.