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Ginger & Lime
Ginger & Lime

Ginger & Lime

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This is the second offering I have for my exceptional moisturizing lip balms.

All three provide moisture to parched lips, and contain all natural ingredients to keep your lips moisturized, protected, & soft.

You'll want to apply more because it smells great & makes your lips feel so good!

Your lips are an area of skin that regenerates quickly, but also can absorb moisturizers readily, so I made a great simple recipe that is effective & contains mostly organic ingredients.


Organic shea Butter - full of vitamins A, E & omega 6

Organic coconut oil - helps keep moisture in, and a natural antimicrobial & disinfectant

beeswax - excellent skin softener & protector to boot

ginger - contains antifungal, antiseptic, antibacterial, antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties!

lime - great in combination with ginger (***lime is a known photosensitizer, that is, makes skin more susceptible to sunlight. Each tube contains 0.3 drops of lime essential oil, a very small amount. However, with ANY & ALL new products containing most citrus or not, if you notice it not treating you right, please stop use.)

This wonderful lip balm comes in a standard size twist tube.