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Healthy Hair & Scalp Tonic w/ jojoba, hemp seed & argan
Healthy Hair & Scalp Tonic w/ jojoba, hemp seed & argan

Healthy Hair & Scalp Tonic w/ jojoba, hemp seed & argan

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I developed this for individuals who experience dry scalp & want a product that is easy to apply, smells good & can be used everyday.

Everything contained in this two ounce bottle is there for a reason. An all natural product like this should be available for everyone, because it can be used on all skin types & on all types of hair. Everyone can benefit from it's use!

I started with a base of:
Jojoba oil - Very good at moisturizing hair & it's follicles without leaving any residue. Also speeds up hair cell growth.
Argan oil - It's extraordinarily high in vitamin E and antioxidants, the oil helps reduce skin inflammation & prevent dryness.
Hempseed oil - Provides moisture, stimulates growth, strengthens hair, improves circulation & protects.

And added essential oils:
Rosemary - Encourages hair growth & better circulation, also prevents graying & dandruff
Peppermint -anti-inflammatory & antiseptic properties, soothes an itchy scalp, dandruff fighter. It also helps to absorb excess oils on the scalp, moisturize a dry scalp and promote hair growth! Dang!
Cedarwood - stimulates hair follicles & reduces dandruff
Lavender - improves circulation, promote hair growth, prevents hair loss & balances natural oils
Lemongrass - lowers scalp inflammation, strengthens hair follicles, fights hair loss & balances natural oils

See? All good, nothing bad.

As far as application, it's best applied on slightly damp, clean hair. Work a little at a time to areas or you whole head & hair. Start with a small amount, like just a few drops, and if you want or need more, add a couple at a time until desired amount.

Of course, if you apply too much, you should leave it in for as long as possible & then wash out. Simple!

Comes in a 2oz sized amber glass bottle with dropper.