Fresh Forest

Fresh Forest

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Moisturizing body balm for application to all dry skin. especially knees, elbows & hands. This balm smells like walking through a evergreen forest in the summertime.

I have infused the coconut oil with wild harvested plantain leaf and home grown calendula flowers & comfrey, whose properties have been know for millennia. Benefits such as speeding up the healing after bruises, cuts and insect bites have been known. It has been known to increase blood flow to the skin. It is also used for helping restore skin for people who have eczema & psoriasis.

I have added cocoa butter, apricot kernel & hemp oil for skin conditioning, as well as beeswax to keep the balm on your skin and prevent water from washing it off soon after application.

To scent this great skin care product, I have added tea tree essential oil, which has it's own list of skin benefits, as well as spruce essential oil, rosemary & geranium essential oil.

Each tin is 2 ounces.