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Deodorant w/ Petitgrain & Lavender
Deodorant w/ Petitgrain & Lavender

Deodorant w/ Petitgrain & Lavender

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After many trials with my wife & I as tester subjects, I have come up with a deodorant that is not only all natural, it's ingredients are only from plants. In our trials, this stick didn't stain our shirts, it lasted a long time, felt great on application & made us smell great.

I use only two essential oils to scent this deodorant.

Petitgrain is an antibacterial & balances oil production in skin. Petitgrain is derived from the distillation of a citrus. This essential oil smells like an herbal version of citrus, more fresh citrus field than fresh squeezed!
Lavender is an antioxidant, antimicrobial, it can improve blood circulation & reduce anxiety. Lavender smells great!

The other ingredients are:
Shea butter
Arrowroot powder
coconut oil
candelilla wax
baking soda
jojoba oil
apricot kernel oil
vitamin E (from sunflowers)

See? All natural!

Container size is similar to commercial sized tubes, but it's results, ingredients & the way you feel after using is not.
Going all natural is better for you and the environment.

When finished with this 2.65 ounce tube, please recycle.