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The Talbot

The Talbot

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This is a new direction for me in soap-making.

I looked FAR back to find inspiration for this soap, and what brought me to this recipe took a little bit of time.

It wasn't that long ago, perhaps my grandparents generation, that all soap (whether factory made or home made) was made out of all natural ingredients. Most likely made out of animal fats, these soaps were probably unscented by essential oils, but were very moisturizing and didn't create waste.

This was the inspiration for the Talbot bar soap, and with the addition of sensibly sourced coconut oil, I created a soap made of mostly locally sourced lard. One day I might make a 100% lard soap, but the addition of coconut oil creates a tad bubblier soap. I have also added avocado oil, castor oil & sunflower oil for even more skin conditioning.

To scent, I created my own profile of essential oils of eucalyptus, petitgrain, copaiba, pine, spruce & rosemary. I have also added Vitamin E as a preservative.

The only other ingredients besides the above listed are water and lye. These two things combined with the oils create soap. There is no lye present in my finished bars of soap. Just pure moisturizing soap.

Average size for this bar is 6 ounces.

This is a hard bar of soap and you will get your money's worth if allowed to dry out between uses.