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Hair Do! Shampoo
Hair Do! Shampoo

Hair Do! Shampoo

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A shampoo bar, you say?

Of course!

Way back when, before one could only dream of having liquid soap (or anything in a plastic bottle), everyone, I mean EVERYONE, used bar soap.
They used bar soap to wash hands, face, body, clothing, kids....basically all soap came in bar form.

This bar goes one more step (perhaps many more), and is formulated for hair.

First, the combination of almond, avocado and castor oils create a light fluffy lather to clean without stripping hair and follicles of natural oils. Castor and soybean oil for its ability to keep the lather on your head while you clean. I have also added kokum, cocoa & shea butter for their great vitamins & nurturing qualities they bring to hair.

essential oils:
clary sage

homegrown organic rose petals
vitamin E

What more could you want?

Oh yeah, since it's not a liquid in a bottle, it travels! You aren't contributing to the plastic waste stream as well.

The other ingredients I use to make this soap besides the above listed are coconut oil, rainwater and lye. Lye combined with the oils create soap. There is no lye present in my finished bars of soap. Just pure moisturizing soap.

Average size for this bar about 6 ounces.

This is a fairly hard bar of soap and you will get your money's worth if allowed to dry out between uses.