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Bag o' COAL

Bag o' COAL

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Have a few "naughty" people that you find hard to shop for, or perhaps someone who loves novelty yet useful items?

Here is the combination of whimsy and practicality, a bag of (char)coal soap!

Contained within a real-looking bag of coal, I present to you three hand-washing sized pieces of, believe it or not, clean smelling soap!

I handmade, then hand formed each piece, scented with my own combination of spruce, rosemary, copaiba & thyme essential oils.

Base oils of organic coconut & olive oil, as well as fluffy bubble producing castor oil produce an experience that makes one never want to be "nice" again.....

The only other ingredients besides the above listed are rainwater and lye. These two things combined with the oils create soap. There is no lye present in my finished bars of soap, just pure moisturizing soap.

You will get your money's worth if the soap is allowed to dry out between uses.