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**SALE**  Grapefruit & Geranium Scented Spray

**SALE** Grapefruit & Geranium Scented Spray

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I looked no further than my grapefruit and geranium balm to find inspiration for the scent of this one. The popularity of the balm proves this is a winning scent, for people who want a well balanced and rounded aromatic spray.

This spray is not just a nice smelling spray. This is hydrating and aromatherapeutic. I only use essential oils, which this combination is especially interesting. Grapefruit essential oil helps curb mental fatigue, depression and help one through a hangover. Geranium has been called the "poor man's rose". That doesn't do this essential oil justice. It has it's own merits! It does smell similar to rose, but this miracle plant has mood uplifting properties, like grapefruit.

These two scents together provide the user a sense of well-being. On the non-aromatherapy side, Grapefruit is one of the better known antimicrobial essential oils out there. So, spraying this will create a force field around you during cold season! Naturally astringent, grapefruit tightens the skin, improves circulation of blood and acts as a deodorant.

These bottles contain only the above mentioned essential oils and spring water. Simple yet effective!