Atlas Relief Roll-on

Atlas Relief Roll-on

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After getting numerous requests by my customers, I offer you an easy-to-apply roll-on.

Not only have I added the stress reliever and relaxation powerhouse hemp extract to this roll-on, I have infused arnica into the jojoba. Arnica brings another form of relief in it's ability to reduce symptoms of tension headaches and is also an anti-inflammatory.

The best place to apply this great oil is massaged on the back of your neck, right up to the hairline (which is where the name comes from!). Other beneficial places are the temples, under your earlobe or the inside of your wrist.

I have blended the infused jojoba with argan, grapeseed & hempseed oils, for a non-greasy, easy to massage & readily absorbed topical.

But wait, there's more.

Besides the aforementioned light skin loving oils, I scented the tonic with bergamot, palmarosa, ylang ylang, black pepper & rose geranium. This special blend of oils offer aromatherapeutic properties to calm and relax the mind & ease tension.

Atlas Relief comes in an amber glass roll-on .34 ounce bottle.